Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Eleventh Hour (2008) DVDRip.XviD

An ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Adams, (Matthew Reese) was captured during a raid to free Japanese prisoners from a North Korean prison camp. He endures the North Koreans torture for three years — seen only as flashbacks — then released back into civilian life. A renegade North Korean General wants revenge for the raid on his camp, he follows Adams back to the United States with a plot to manipulate the former soldier into assassinating the leader of the raid, now a United States senator, Mason Chambers (K. Danor Gerald).
The General targets Adams’ estranged wife, Rachel (Jennifer Klekas) has her attacked so a doctor on the North Koreans payroll can insert a bomb into her head. Then Adam is captured, given the assignment and warned he must assassinate the senator within 12 hours or the bomb will detonate.

Adam Abram ... Menacing Mercenary
Johnny Ahn ... Super Korean Soldier
Britani Bateman ... Reporter
Sarah Bell ... Leslie Mills
Lindsay Bird ... Hospital Receptionist
Joel Bishop ... Agent Cochran
Scott Chun ... General Kun

Genre: Action
Language: English
Company: Action Jackson

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